Writer Code of Conduct

Only original work may be submitted. Modifying the work of another writer is not considered original work and may not be submitted.

Users who initiate slogan contests pay in advance so the writer prize money is guaranteed. 15% of the prize money is retained by Slogan Slingers to cover our administration costs and site enhancements.

All writers are expected to show respect for fellow writers and for users who hold contests. Professionalism is required. Sending messages that are insulting, vulgar, threatening or otherwise unprofessional will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion from the Slogan Slingers community.

Please do not submit any slogan that are offensive or vulgar.

Alert the Slogan Slingers Team immediately if any user is seeking a slogan for something vulgar or offensive.

Thoroughly read the contest brief. If you have any additional questions, please contact the user who initiated the contest brief by clicking on their name at the top of the brief.

If you are selected the winner of a slogan contest, the user of the contest immediately owns the sole rights to your winning slogan for any and all purposes they deem fit in perpetuity. If you submit work and are not selected the winner, you retain sole rights to your work. Even if you are selected as the 2nd place or 3rd place winner, you still retain the rights to your work.

In the rare event that a slogan contest holder initiates a slogan contest but does not pick a winner, a winning slogan will be randomly selected.

Writers are not allowed to send messages to contest holders that offer them any kind of incentive to be picked as the contest winner.