Branding With Taglines


Taglines are the key to brandingTaglines: Your Key To Branding

Despite a mountain of data proving their effectiveness and marketing experts everywhere recommending their use, taglines are still amazingly underutilized by those looking to truly take their brand to new heights.  Considered to be just as important and in some cases even more important than your logo, your tagline can help set you apart and persuade your target audience, all with just a few carefully chosen words.

Taglines and slogans can be silly, dramatic, straightforward or unusual.  As long as it matches the tone you want to set for your brand, there's no set tone it has to take on.  The only requirement is that it needs to be memorable, catchy and convey either what your organization is all about or what you want your customers, clients or patients to remember most.

Think about the tagline for Las Vegas tourism, “What happens here stays here,” (adapted by many to “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”). Some estimate that short phrase alone and the feeling it represents has generated literally billions for the city.  The tagline captures the biggest takeaway that Las Vegas wants potential tourists to remember.  Their city is one where you can let loose and show your wild side and then return back to your normal life with your exploits safely kept a secret.

Thousands of companies both large and small, from international corporations to small, businesses credit their taglines as the device that helped them breakthrough and reach unprecedented heights. “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” is still resonating with potential soldiers decades after it was first introduced.  Of course a few decades is nothing compared to some taglines.  It won't be long until Maxwell House can celebrate 100 years of using the tagline “Good to the last Drop.” Smokey the Bear and the U.S. Forestry Service have been using “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” since the 40s. Wheaties has been “The Breakfast of Champions” for over three quarters of a century.  Though the taglines of smaller businesses don't usually become part of the fabric of pop culture, they can be just as effective in winning people over for years and years.


Creating Your Tagline

Most people recognize that taglines are critical to branding but they often remain underutilized simply because business owners and even some marketing directors don't know where to start.  Freelance tagline writers and ad agencies will work for some but they're often expensive and only give their clients a small handful of options.  Plus the turnaround time can be less than ideal.  Of course the hottest trend in finding a slogan maker is turning to Slogan Slingers – OK, we're not totally objective about this one. 

With Slogan Slingers, you can open an online slogan contest.  You fill out a strategy brief just like you would with a freelance slogan writer or ad agency.  You set a contest prize amount and then your input is sent out as an alert to the large list of writers registered with Slogan Slingers.  Often within hours, you'll start to see slogan and tagline submissions.  Simply pick the phrase you like best and award that writer your prize money.  It's quick, easy, dare we say fun and you'll end up with lots of taglines to pick from and at least one you'll go gaga over.

A great catchphrase can be the crown jewel of your brand.  Great slogans and taglines are waiting!!