Law Firm Slogans: Plead "Guilty" to Having an Awesome Slogan for Your Legal Business


law firm slogans

If you run a law firm, it's no news to you that being in a legal practice means working tightly with your clients to fight for their case. You’ve got to be resourceful, smart, and work to get your client the best outcome possible.

Your existing clients who have worked with you know this, but what about prospective clients? You will need to have good marketing and branding to get your message across and intrigue new clients.

And depending on your specific niche, your brand tone and style will differ. But one thing is clear no matter what, you'll need a law firm slogan that will really help get your value across to your clients. Whether you want to be edgy, witty, aggressive, or anything else, a good slogan for your legal practice can really go a long way.

Billboards are a great example of this -- we see billboard ads all the time on the freeways for different legal teams and attorneys. And what’s one thing in common you see with all of them? They usually have some sort of slogan on the billboard that really stands out.

This is a really good example for slogans, because you only have a second or two to look at the billboard while driving and READ THE SLOGAN. Think about that - people reading your slogan, whether on a billboard or anywhere else, need to be able to read your slogan easily, and immediately understand what value you offer and what your law firm specializes in. This is how you're going to be competitive and really get stuck in someone’s head.

Maybe you specialize in real estate law. Find a way to incorporate some "real estate" words into the slogan - house, buy, sell, transaction, etc.

Maybe you specialize in accidents. Find a way to incorporate car or motorcycle words into your slogan.

You get the picture. The real trick is getting a slogan to come together. It's got to be short, concise, and get your message across in just a few words. Add another layer of complexity when you also want to throw in some tone that resonates with your brand.

We've seen people spend HOURS trying to come up with a great law firm slogan for their business, only to end up nowhere. That's because most attorneys are busy already working with clients and running their business- they hardly have time to really get artistic and come up with an A+ slogan.

Well, that's why Slogan Slingers exists! We've worked with numerous legal businesses here to create some really amazing and fun slogans that work. If you haven’t been here before, here's how it works:

We ask you a few questions about what you're looking for. You set the price for how much you'd like to pay the winning writer. Once your contest is live, you can rate the submissions and choose the best one you like, and even give feedback to the writers!

Check out a few real examples below of some law firm slogans that were created as a result of our contests on Slogan Slingers:

The Power You Need, The Attention You Deserve.
- Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt

Law is our profession. Winning is our obsession.
- Law Office of Lori Elaine Laird

Law Within Your Reach.
- Benchmark Law Corporation

Excellence in Legal Services, Excellence in Value.

When life happens, put the law on your side.
- Russell Goetcheus & Associates

For your best interest.
- pegasus legal funding, llc

Where there's a Williamson, there's a way.
- Williamson Law Firm, LLC

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