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What do you need the slogan for?

- Company

What is the name of this product ?

- Medico Legal Reporting Services of Australla

Give a brief but detailed description of the product?

- Provison of medico legal reports, business is based on arounf the ideals of professional service, integrity and sincerity.


- N/A

Who is the target audience?

- Law firms and government referrers

List as many pertinent details as possible?

- MLRSA has been in the market re the provison of medico legal reports for nearly 10 years, It is a nationall company. It has competitors (slogan used by one competitior is the balanced opinion") it is important that law firms and government referrers to understand we provide medical reports that are impartial and of the highest quality. Reports are prepared by medical specialists who are refered work from MLRSA. Often use the following quote on our marketing collateral "To give real service you must add something whaich cannot be brought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity"

What is the single biggest point you want to get across in your slogan?

- We provide balanced and impartial medical reports of the highest quality

Our experience in the provison of medico legal rteports'

Our extensive doctor base of medical specialists

What tone do you want your tagline to possess?


How will this tagline be used?

marketing collateral

Company website-

Some examples of slogans you like.

- I like slogans that are a "call to arms " ie Just do it etc

Some examples of slogans you don't like.

- Dont like bland slogans that have generic tomes that dont seem to differeinate the company for its competitiors ie leading the way ......."

slogans of your competition.

- Balanced Opinion

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Is there any other information you would like to pass along?

Please see our web site