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The user isJessica lasted logged in Mon, Jul 23, 2012, 09:52 AM | Conduct A Trademark Search

What do you need the slogan for?

- Service

What is the name of this product ?


Give a brief but detailed description of the product?

- Full line of career services (i.e. Resume/CV Writing, Customized Cover Letters, Customized Thank You Letters, Interviewing Skills, Networking Skills, Job Negotiation Skills, One on One Career Counseling. We Customize, Individualize everything we do. There are no off the shelf Resumes or CV's. Your own Personal Career Conselor will guide you through your job search process.


- N/A

Who is the target audience?

- Recent College Grads, Unemployed, Mom's returning to the workplace, Returning Military, Individuals looking for a Career Change

List as many pertinent details as possible?

- Target Audience is Individuals that are struggling with the job search process. They are confused about the steps of the process, where to begin, how to develop a Resume/CV, lack Interviewing, Negotiation and Networking Skills.

Most Competitors provide some, but not all of the aforementioned services. Most of the Resume/CV Writing services use Cookie Cutter Approaches. None of the Competition provides a Personal Career Counselor.

What is the single biggest point you want to get across in your slogan?

- We differentiate ourselves based on our Extensive Corporate Experience, One on One, Individualized & Customized Guidance and Support.

What tone do you want your tagline to possess?


How will this tagline be used?

Featured on our website, under Company name

Company website-

It is in process of being developed

Some examples of slogans you like.

- Apple - Think Different- Represents Apple's Philosophy
The Red Cross - The greatest tragedy is indifference- It is motivating
Nike - Just do it - Inspirational
Tagheuer - Success. It's a mind game- Thought provoking
Jaguar - Race, Space, Pace - Catchy

Some examples of slogans you don't like.

- KFC - Finger Lickin' good - Repulsive
Coca Cola - Twist cap to refreshment - Makes no sense. Not effective.
Diesel - Be stupid - Derogatory and nothing to do with Jeans

slogans of your competition.

- N/A

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