Construction Slogans: How to Build Your Construction Business with Stand-Out Slogans


construction slogans

Are you ready to take your construction business to the next level? Maybe you've just started a construction business, or maybe you've been in operation for a while now. Whatever the case, no matter what, one thing's for sure - you need a USP, or "unique selling proposition". This is essentially what tells a potential customer why they should do business with you rather than a competitor.

Whether your construction business is in general contracting, flooring, plumbing, electrical, handyman work, roofing, pavers, or anything else -- there's always going to be a lot of competition in your market. That's why you need a unique selling proposition, and one way construction businesses help embolden their USP is by utilizing a catchy construction slogan.

You could also look at this as branding your business. When you've got a slogan that someone can't get out of their head, and is easy for them to recall, it's going to help your business greatly. When you mention your business to someone and they can recall you saying, "Oh yeah, you're that business, you!"... Then you know you’ve done your job when it comes to branding and standing out with your unique selling proposition.

As you know, construction business can be very word of mouth and referral driven... so even your business network contacts will be able to refer you out easier when they can remember your construction slogan!

Think about it, it also gives you business a sense of pride when you've got your own slogan... It adds some "zing" and personality, some attitude to your brand! So why wait? Get your own slogan going today here on Slogan Slingers, we're the experts at it.

You might be wondering how it works? Easy. We ask you a few questions about what you're looking for. You set the price for how much you'd like to pay the winning writer. Once your contest is live, you can rate the submissions and choose the best one you like, and even give feedback to the writers!

We've had lots of construction businesses run slogan contests on our site here and these examples below have been the results of real-life slogans created. Think about what possibilities there are for your very own construction slogan!

  • The Build-Out Specialist: Constructing Office Interiors to Your Specifications
  • Building Quality, Value and Trust
  • The only thing higher than our ladders is our Standards.
  • Quality from the ground up.
  • We destroy, so that you can build.
  • Your Bridge to Solid Renovations
  • Outdoor living: designed, developed and delivered.
  • Small home fixes by skilled independent handymen
  • The time of year when recycling and demolition is all that it's cracked up to be!
  • Is Your Outdoor Space Stuck in the 60's Era?
  • This month show our Inventory Reduction Sale some love.
  • El Nino is coming, is your yard ready?
  • Daylight Savings 365 Days a Year!
  • Masters in metal since 1919.
  • We're concrete proof that dream pools do come true!
  • Build Your Future On Our Solid Reputation
  • Newman Roofing. Satisfying every shingle customer.
  • The Go-To Guys for flooring
  • Your Pipeline to Future Productivity
  • Construct your design
  • Water you waiting for? Reynolds Plumbing Inc!
  • We built our reputation by taking care of yours.
  • We Put Your Dreams In Site.

Ready to get started? Get your own slogan here.