Client Code of Conduct

Clients (users) are expected to fill out their brief as thoroughly as possible. The better the brief, the better the slogans. Initiating a slogan contest for anything deemed illegal, obscene or otherwise inappropriate is not permitted on Slogan Slingers.

When setting your prize amount, remember that higher amounts attract the best writers and a greater variety of options. Great slogans are often used for years and remembered for decades, so it's probably worth investing as much as you can afford for something so important.

Your contest officially lasts for 14 days. You may select a winner early but we encourage you to wait until your contest ends as slogans are often submitted right until the contest closes. After the contest closes, you will have 14 days to select a winner. You must select a winner in that time. If you do not select a winner after 14 days, Slogan Slingers will choose a winning writer at random or based on what we believe is the best slogan submission. Payment is non-refundable.

Only one slogan per contest. You may not request other slogans or any additional work in your brief or in messages to writers. You may not require writers to complete additional work or make any other demands on writers in exchange for making them your contest winner.

When sending a private message to a writer while your contest is live, you may not reveal the work of other writers. We want the playing field as even as possible.

Be courteous and be professional. Writers in the Slogan Slingers community work extremely hard. You should handle your relationship with the writers as you would any other business transaction. While writers are notoriously quirky, we expect them to treat you with courtesy and respect at all times, as well.

Your contest can only have one winner. You only own the rights to the slogan that you select as the winner. All other slogan submissions remain the intellectual property of the writers who submitted them. Any use of other submissions without the expressed written permission of the slogan's writer is strictly prohibited. Use of other writers work without compensation may result in copyright, trademark and service-mark infringement for which you will be held solely responsible. Should any action be taken against Slogan Slingers for user misuse of slogans, the user shall be held fully responsible for any legal fees related to the matter. If you wish to purchase additional Slogans from your contest beyond the slogan that was chosen as the winner, please email us at and we will contact the writer of the slogan to arrange the transaction.