A natural sounding tagline is always better than a clever one. If someone has to think what your tagline means then it isn’t working.  Simplicity is the key and your tagline should be easy to remember and not an in-depth market strategy.

A tagline or strapline should tell customers something about either your services or your company ethos as plainly as possible.  To be effective they must be simple and if possible hard-hitting.  Don’t be tempted into using taglines that sound impressive but don’t actually mean anything when stop and think about them.

Should a Tagline be a Promise or Not

Opinion is divided over whether your slogan should include a promise such as “always the best value” or “always on time”.  The risk is that sometimes you might fail to meet your obligations, which is even worse when your tagline emphasises that particular aspect of your organization.  However doing so does at least let your customers know that you are aiming high and that alone might be enough to secure their business.

When deciding on a tagline for your business it is important to consider the aspects of your business or services which your customers value most.   If you can get to the key point as what your customers value then you have got yourself a great tagline.

For example an internet company might stress its speed and mobility which isn’t much use for a business specializing in organic farmed produce. However, freshness and greenness is not usually something internet customers consider important.

Rhymes can make a strapline trip off the tongue more easily, and make it more memorable for your customers but don’t use that at the expense of the more important points above.

Finally and it might sound obvious but don’t use a tagline or a strapline simply for the sake of having one.  If it doesn’t add anything to your business image, you’re wasting your time and money.

Traits of a Really Great Slogan

Once you have a shortlist of possible taglines, rank them bearing in mind the following and discarding all that don’t make it.

Simplicity – Is it straightforward, honest, short?

Clarity –Is it really clear what you’re trying to say without leaving the customer scratching their heads?

Essence – Is it the very essence of what your customers need from your business.

Memorability – Is the phrase catchy memorable.  If you write it down and leave it for a day or two, will you still remember it?

Organize a slogan writing contest designed to give your organization a strapline that embodies these characteristics today. If you succeed you will give your company a marketing tool of immense value.