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Will Easy To Read Fonts Make Your Ad Slogan Harder To Remember?

By January 26, 2011 No Comments

Last week, the results of a fascinating Princeton University study were published.  The study showed readers better remembered a message when the words were harder to read.  The  study entitled “Fortune favors the bold (and the Italicized)”  seems to go completely against conventional wisdom.  Who among us didn’t think that easier to read meant easier to remember?

At Slogan Slingers, we’re all about the words.  After our professional slogan writers have done their job, what companies do with their catchy company slogans, advertising tag lines, billboard headlines and more is out of our hands.  But we want every one of our clients who starts a slogan contest with us to have the most success possible.  So when you’re incorporating your new ad slogan, company tag line or catchphrase into your marketing materials, it’s at least food for thought.

We feel that the best slogans are so powerful yet so simple, it wouldn’t matter how they’re displayed.  When you think about “Got Milk?” or “Just Do It”  both relied on very simple typography.  Then again, Coca-Cola’s type treatment of their logo is a little challenging to read but 90% of the planet could identify their logo just by seeing that first letter C by itself.  So what’s our slogan advice on this one?  With all due respect to Princeton, we say continue to go with an easy to read slogan.  While you might get a better recall with difficult type, we believe a harder to read font will cause a substantial portion of your target audience to avoid reading your slogan altogether.

Whether you make your new hospital slogan, law firm slogan or restaurant tag line difficult or easy to read, you can rely on Slogan Slingers for the best slogans from professional slogan writers around the world.  There’s no better way to get a slogan.  You’ll remember that, right?  Shoot.  You would if we had written this blog like this.