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Why We Created Slogan Slingers

By March 31, 2010 No Comments

“Don’t leave home without it.”  “Can You Hear Me Now?” “Think Outside The Bun.” You probably know, in an instant, which companies are associated with each of those slogans without having to be told their name.  In just a few words, the right slogan or tagline can sum up the entire message a company wants its audience to remember about its products or services.

Nike’s ‘Just Do It,’ perhaps the most effective tagline ever written, represents the company, it’s philosophy and as cliché as it sounds, a way of life…all in three words.  It’s fair to say the simple ‘Just Do It’ phrase has earned Nike billions and helped them build upon one of the world’s most enduring brands.

Few marketing experts would argue that slogans and taglines are one of the few marketing elements that stand the test of time.  Along with your logo, your slogan or tagline should be playing an important role in defining your brand.

While Fortune 500 Companies have the luxury of being able to hire top marketing firms and advertising agencies to develop their slogans and taglines, small and medium sized business are usually left finding alternate means to come up with a slogan.  This includes everything from hiring the CEO’s “creative sister” to holding employee slogan writing contests.  Some companies even choose to reword the slogan of their chief competitor “just enough so no one will notice.”

Tisk.  Tisk.

The result is usually some kind of Frankenstein-type wordplay or something so bland it means nothing to anyone.  Slogans like “Quality Service Since 1970” and “Where the customer comes first” are tired, hollow phrases that probably do more to hurt the brand than help, they portray the associated company as just another company with nothing special to say of offer.  They get no results.  They make you no money.

That’s why we created Slogan Slingers.  For the first time, companies of all sizes can get a creative custom  slogan for their company, key products, services or events.  All with more selection, lower costs and faster turnaround times than ever before.  We’re excited that Slogan Slingers just might be able help you get your company’s equivalent of ‘Just Do It’ next!

Thanks for coming to our site and we’re looking forward to updating this blog frequently with practical tips on how find an effective slogan and put it into use.