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Where’s the Slogan?

By September 4, 2013 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

Looking for inspiration? Catchy slogans have been a part of our lives and make impressions on the views we have on products. They have those jingles that ring in the back of your mind, or announcer voices that take over your thoughts. Wondering what slogans have made impressions over the past? These slogans reign as the top 10 according to Ad Age.

1. Diamonds are forever (DeBeers)

2. Just do it (Nike)

3. The pause that refreshes (Coca-Cola)

4. Tastes great, less filling (Miller Lite)

5. We try harder (Avis)

6. Good to the last drop (Maxwell House)

7. Breakfast of champions (Wheaties)

8. Does she … or doesn’t she? (Clairol)

9. When it rains it pours (Morton Salt)

10. Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s)

Do they live up to everything you thought they’d be? There must be some that you think should have made the list. Sometimes even the best slogans get overlooked. With Slogan Slingers, you can choose your own top 10 and choose the slogan that works best for your business. Perhaps our writers will come up with a tagline that makes the next century’s top 10!

Out of the top 10, what’s your favorite? Ours is #10 “Where’s the beef?” This slogan has humor, while also mentioning their major product, beef. It makes you laugh while also making you hungry. Where IS the beef? You want some right now! Where’s your hamburger!?

Want a slogan worthy of being on top? Start a contest now on our slogan maker and have options pouring in for your business slogan.