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What Slogans Tell Us About Today’s Market

By July 19, 2021 No Comments

Slogans have not always been around. The first slogan is recognized to be “Beechams Pills: Worth a Guinea a Box” from 1859. Even though that was over one hundred and fifty years ago, businesses have been around a lot longer. So, what was it that increased the need for advertising? It’s simple, the increase in population. With the world expanding people started creating more businesses which lead to more options. Business owners had to start figuring out a way to stand out so they would be the most popular option. Now in 2021, there are a crazy number of options to choose from for any product or service that one could possibly need. 

A slogan is the perfect starting point to survive the growing market. A slogan communicates a business’ “why”. Why they are different than any of the other businesses and why you should buy from that business. It spreads the mission and vision of the business. A mission outlines the steps they are taking to complete their goals and a vision shares the long-term goal. Both of these are important in today’s market because it appeals to customers that a business is striving to do good and has set goals for itself to accomplish that good. A slogan helps promote all of this. This is where the emotional factor behind slogans come in. By representing the missions and vision of a business a slogan can relate to customers on a more personal level making them more likely to purchase form that business.

How slogans can help with the market expanding
Demonstrating the expanding market through technology.

Over time the market has changed and expanded. There are so many different options to choose from and endless opportunities to be a successful business owner. However, without a slogan those changes can decrease. A successful business has a successful slogan that communicates to the public why a business is special. Over the years marketing has evolved. There are now so many different platforms to advertise on but even though most things have changed, slogans still continue to be successful for over one hundred and fifty years. 

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