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What Makes Slogans Catchy?

By July 23, 2013 No Comments

So what makes a slogan catchy anyway? Judging by many of the catchy slogans of the past and present there is no simple or clear cut answer to this question. Instead there seems to be no magic formula for a successful slogan.

Musical slogans can be effective in some instances remember “plop, plop, fizz, fizz oh what a relief it is for Alka Saltzer.” Yet they can also be seen as silly or childish. A rhyming musical slogan can work wonders for a stomach ache remedy but it would probably damage a politicians’ chances of reelection. After all nobody would vote for a leader they felt was silly or childish.

Humorous Marketing Slogans Not Always Appropriate

The same might be said of humorous slogans which are very memorable but can damage somebody’s reputation. Sometimes laughter can enhance a product or its reputation but it can also damage a reputation. After all you don’t want to go to a doctor, a lawyer or a stockbroker that you think is a joke.

Yet humor in marketing slogans can help promote products designed for serious situations. A silly slogan might be just what is needed to get people thinking about a serious issue or need such as that for insurance. Think how much car insurance the GEICO gecko has sold for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The gecko uses humor to sell a very serious and boring product.

On the other hand a humorous marketing slogan would not be appropriate for life insurance. Life insurance only pays when somebody dies and that isn’t a very funny situation. Yet a humorous marketing slogan might help investment advisers sell another product: annuities.

Effective Slogans for Investment Advisers

Annuities provide automatic income for their beneficiaries. An investment adviser might use this catchy slogan: “Do you want to end up broke and retired?”

That tagline is a little humorous but it is also deadly serious. After all you go to an investment adviser or retirement planner in order to avoid ending up broke and retired?

A similar and equally clever slogan for a retirement planner might be: “Do you really want to spend your golden years living in your children’s spare room?”

These slogans are appropriate because they use humor to get people to think about a serious product they need. Nobody likes to think about growing old or planning for retirement do they? Just as most of us hate thinking about car insurance.

Discretion and Slogans

Choosing an appropriate slogan is a matter of discretion and judgment as much as anything else. A tagline that is appropriate for a retirement planner might not be appropriate for an estate planner for example even though their jobs are very similar.

Many of us have the discretion and judgment needed to choose an appropriate slogan for our business but the talent to create a catchy slogan. That’s where a slogan writing contest can help you. You can use the talented people that enter the contest to write the slogans then your own judgment to pick out a tagline that’s appropriate for your business. That way you can create a catchy slogan that will not offend your customers.