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What Makes A Good Tagline?

By August 8, 2013 No Comments

A tagline is important because it captures the essence of your business.  It should be the explanation and summary of what your business does, what it’s mission is, your promise to your customers and your branding.  It can be a big ask to fit all of this into a sentence or even just a few words.

As a mission statement, your tagline must be clear to your audience.  Don’t be too clever otherwise your prospective customers will make their mind up in a second that they will go elsewhere.

Next up, your potential new customer is looking at your website or your logo and they are wondering what is in it for them?   A good tagline will make them a promise of what they can expect from you and what you can deliver to them.

Straplines should Reflect Your Business

Perhaps most importantly, your tagline should reflect your business image or brand.  Your company slogan is perhaps the biggest and often the only opportunity to differentiate your company for everybody else’s.  Sometimes this can be achieved by just setting a mood that encapsulates your business.

If your company has a fresh new attitude then the tagline is the place to say it.  Consider what it is that your company is selling and what type or customer you are hoping to attract.  Are you the sole business in the sector, do you have a new or all-encompassing solution?

A tagline for a charitable or environmental organization needs to convey a different message than to a law firm or corporate bank.  Whereas a charity or environmental organization will want to emphasize its caring mission, a law firm or a bank will try and demonstrate their reliability and trustworthiness.

Study the Competition

Before deciding upon a tagline, check out your competition’s slogans.  See what they are doing and if you are in the same business sector as them try and do it better. Make sure you compare any tagline from a slogan contest to your competition’s.

It’s important to keep your tagline simple.  Think of any corporate tagline in any business be it leisure, finance, automobiles or whatever and the thing they all have in common is that they are short but sweet.  If you get it right then not just your prospective customers but even the whole world will remember your company slogan.

Finally, when you think you have your tagline or strapline, do a little market-research even if it’s just with your family and friends.  Check that they like it and it projects the message and image which you are providing.