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What is an Advertising Slogan Generator?

By October 25, 2012 No Comments

An advertising slogan generator is a computer program or algorithm that creates slogans. Such programs are designed as a cheaper alternative to human slogan makers but they may not be as effective.

Since they lack creativity, imagination and intuition advertising slogan generators are very limited tools. Such programs can create a large number of taglines but there is no guarantee they will be effective.

Many businesses use advertising slogan generators because they are cheaper than slogan writers or a slogan contest. The drawback to using a generator is that you will probably have to sift through dozens or even hundreds of taglines in your search for an effective catchphrase.

That means it might be more cost effective to hire a professional slogan maker to create a tagline. An entrepreneur might be well advised to spend more of her valuable time in the business and less trying to write slogans.

Advantages of Slogan Contests

There are some very cost-effective alternatives to advertising slogan generators that many businesspeople are not aware of. The most intriguing of these alternatives is a slogan-writing contest. In such a contest writers compete to create taglines. Only the writer whose wording is accepted gets the prize.

The big advantage to such a contest is obvious: an enterprise can have dozens or even hundreds of writers competing to create its slogans. Slogan contest websites such as Slogan Slingers can potentially reach hundreds of writers all over the world.

Although advertising slogan generators can be more cost effective, contests are more flexible and offer more diversity. Unlike algorithms the people that participate in the contest have creativity, sensitivity and emotions. They have a better understanding of what catchy slogans are because they understand human emotions.

Effective Slogans Appeal to Emotions

At the end of the day slogans are designed to appeal to emotions. There is no way that a computer program can understand human motions or learn how to manipulate them. A human writer participating in a slogan-writing contest can and will.

More importantly such a creator knows which emotions are negative and which are positive. Taglines that evoke positive emotions are generally more effective than those which rely upon negativity. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s classic “finger licking good” phrase is effective because it evokes positive emotions about the company’s fried chicken. The phrase says that the food is tasty.

There is no way that a computer program can understand the appeal of tasty food. Nor can it understand the traditional American phraseology which evokes the good old days of country living. Such sentiments are based purely upon emotion and little else.

A tagline created by an advertising generator may inadvertently appeal to negative emotions because the generator cannot understand that those emotions are negative. Nor can it spot such potential turnoffs as offensive phrases and words. Since the generator has no emotions it cannot understand why certain words might have a specific effect upon human beings.

Advertising slogan generators can be powerful tools but they are limited tools. Entrepreneurs should consider alternatives before turning to one.