Strapline is like a tagline

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Most business owners are familiar with the concept of aslogan and atagline but not a strapline. The dictionary definition of a strapline is that it is a subheading in an article or advertisement. Yet for advertising and marketing purposes a strapline is a slogan that is used to identify a brand.

In other words, it is a method of branding or creating a brand. Straplines your fingers do the walking.”

In some cases a strapline will contain the brand name, in others it will not. A difference between a strapline and a conventional slogan is that strapline is designed specifically to promote the brand itself. It tells the customers what the brand is and exactly who it can help them.

You’ve probably seen or heard: “There are things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard.” That establishes the idea that MasterCard is simple, convenient, easy to use and it can be used just like cash.

Straplines Convey an Idea

A great way to think of a strapline is that it conveys the idea behind a product or a service to the public. When you sit down to write one or hire a slogan writer create a strapline ask yourself how can my product or service help or benefit the customer. What can we do for the customer that she cannot do for herself?

For example, Joe’s garage might use “Fastest service in town” or the only car repair service next to the light rail station.” Those are benefits the customers will be interested in it.

Such straplines have to be used as part of a logo or under the main slogan. You will want the public to associate that benefit with the name of your organization.

If you want the public to know what your service is and how it will benefit them. You will have to create a strapline that achieves that purpose. The strapline can serve as your slogan or in addition to your tagline.

Straplines vs. Slogans

Even if you have a really great slogan you should think about creating a good or even a great strapline for your company. Despite what some people think it will not detract from your slogan. It’ll enhance your marketing efforts by providing two ways of getting the message about your brand out to the customers.

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