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What is a Slogan and Why are they Important

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A slogan is one of the most useful tools in marketing. They help deliver the message a company wants to share about themselves in an efficient and short amount of time. One of the main goals of a business’s marketing team is to get people interested and engaged. Every year the average person’s attention span gets shorter. This is because the information is available within seconds, and if it takes anyone longer than that to learn about a business, the chances of them clicking away increase. 

What is a Slogan?

So, what is a slogan? By definition, a slogan is a short, striking, or memorable phrase used in advertising. The keywords there are short, striking, and memorable.  They target potential customers, summarizing why they should buy a product or service. The goal is to increase recall and brand recognition. A slogan needs to be striking to get consumer’s attention, short so they do not lose interest, and memorable so they will recall the brand when they need to make a purchase.  The psychological reasoning behind this is that it takes seven seconds to make a first impression so, slogans must be short and brief to be the most successful. 

Marketing team creating advertising strategy.
Marketing team creating advertising strategy.

Why Slogans are Important

Slogans are important in the marketing process because they are a strategic attempt to create a persuasive picture in consumers’ heads. Their purpose is to help sell a product by promoting the product and being its identity. An efficient slogan will appeal to consumers on a personal level, relating to their day-to-day lives. Done correctly a slogan should reflect the identity of the company and its people. It should not have to change in the future. A good brand is a long-term commitment. A slogan creates a consistent image for customers to always recognize the business and feel comfortable purchasing from it. Everyone feels comfortable in a familiar environment. A slogan helps enforce that making them an important part of any business.