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Use Your Slogan in a Jingle or Song

By April 10, 2013 No Comments
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Using a catchy slogan can act like a jingle.

Marketing slogans are becoming more popular as studies and consumer-purchasing patterns prove their effectiveness.  Most slogans are used as part of the script in a video advertisement or simply as the end of the commercial.  Some businesses use their slogan on other advertising materials such as posters and pamphlets.  As slogans become more common, it is even more important to have a catchy slogan that will stand out among the competition, and to use it effectively.  Do you have a catchy slogan for your business or product?  How are you using it?


Anyone can tell you that it is easier to remember a catchy slogan than a boring slogan.  And, anyone can tell you that the easiest way to remember something is by turning it into a rhyme or song.  A catchy slogan is often memorable alone, but a creative way to take your advertising slogan to the next level is to use it in a jingle or song.  However, a catchy slogan doesn’t automatically make a catchy jingle and vice versa.  In fact, some current slogans would be very difficult to set to music effectively.


Do you know that a single business or product can have multiple ad slogans?  If your current slogan doesn’t lend itself to song, you don’t have to worry!  You can use Slogan Slingers to choose a new slogan to integrate into a jingle or song, and keep the old slogan for other uses.  You can choose the slogan to fit a song you already have written, such as an existing jingle tune, or you can write a tune to fit your new catchy slogan.  If you don’t already have a jingle, you will need to be aware of copyright laws for pre-existing tunes.  Even if you hire a songwriter to write a jingle for you, you may need to consider copyrighting the new tune, so it can’t be hijacked by your competitors.


Once your slogan has been immortalized in song, it is time to integrate it into your video and radio advertising.  A catchy tune with a catchy slogan is one of the best ways to take your advertising to the next level.  Slogan Slingers can help you choose the best slogan to fit your business, and target audience, but only you can choose how to use your catchy slogan.  If you don’t have a marketing slogan, or need a new one for your jingle or song, click here to get help from our slogan writers now.