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Use Alternative Slogans from Your Slogan Contest as Project Headliners

By April 2, 2013 No Comments

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You can use your slogan contest to also buy rights for a project headline.

Slogans can help a business become successful by making it memorable.  Slogan contests are a great way to get the perfect slogan for your business.  But did you know that the same slogan contest could give you more than a single slogan at a time?  Sometimes, our slogan writers do such a great job creating slogans for you that you have a hard time choosing just one winner.  No one likes a dilemma, even if it is only to choose between two great slogans.  Naturally, if you have already found multiple slogans you love for your business, you don’t want to start yet another slogan contest.  Well, Slogan Slingers has the perfect solution for you!  Why not purchase the rights to other, non-winning slogans for use in your business?


Any businessperson can use multiple slogans to promote their business.  After all, your corporate consumers don’t relate to the same thing as your individual consumers.  You can use the non-winning slogans from the slogan contest as headliners for other projects, including pamphlets, print ads, and more.  A business has many forms of advertisement outside of spots on the television or print ads in a newspaper or online.  Do you have motivational or corporate posters in your employee break or conference room?  Do you have business literature in your lobby or waiting room?  Do you give your customers pamphlets or other informational literature when they stop by?  Each of these is a new opportunity to expand upon the message you promote with your original slogan.  Consider varying the slogans and using them as headliners in each type of literature or media to fit the message to the audience.


If you haven’t yet created a slogan contest, it is not too late!  Setting up a slogan contest is easy.  Just fill out our simple and informative form to tell our slogan writers what you are looking for.  Then, set the prize amount and sit back and wait.  When the slogan contest ends, pick your winner.  Then, you can choose other slogans suggested by our slogan writers and purchase the rights to use these alternative slogans for the project headline or literature of your choice.  Click here to get started today!