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Turning Your Slogan Into a “Moment” with a Slogan Contest

By February 25, 2013 No Comments

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment in just a few words? What kind of moment would it be? Take a minute and think about your favorite moment. Now, think about what product or service comes to mind through their slogan when you remember it. A slogan can create a moment in and of itself, creating an eternal place in the hearts and minds of your consumers for your product or business.

Facebook and Kodak took the idea of a moment literally when designing their slogans. A Facebook moment or a Kodak moment are just what they seem to be—a posting or picture on social media site or a picture from one of Kodak’s many camera and film products. No one can say that slogan are ineffective, of course, but there is something to be said for an equally effective slogan without being so obvious.

Take Milk, for example. Their slogan, “Got Milk?” doesn’t explicitly evoke a memory of a moment, at least until paired with the famous milk mustache. Now, when you hear the slogan, you think back to the carefree moments of childhood when drinking milk gave you that white, frothy mustache featured so prominently on billboards and commercials all over the world. This slogan and ad campaign was so successful that it spurred a variety of spin offs for everything from religion to video games.

Another good example is Kay Jewelers. Their slogan doesn’t really need an ad campaign to communicate its moment, when “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.” Not only does the slogan create fond memories of love, but also creates a command as to how to recreate that memory—just give a gift of Kay jewelry.

Crafting a slogan that creates a moment without being obvious can be harder than it seems. Sometimes, you are too involved with your own product or business to see clearly what moments are possible. That’s where Slogan Slingers’ slogan contests can help! All you need to do is set up a slogan contest and allow our creative slogan writers to compete for the best moment for your product or business. Who knows what other creativity that moment will spark for the future? Click here now to set up your slogan contest and start celebrating your moment today!