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Three Characteristics of Effective Advertising Slogans or Taglines

By July 10, 2012 No Comments

All effective adverting slogans seem to share a few basic characteristics. If you can identify these characteristics, you should be able to replicate them and create an effective marketing slogan of your own.

1.  Simplicity

The main element that all effective slogans share is that they are simple. They convey a simple message that is easy to remember. One of the best is Target’s “Expect more. Pay Less.” The message is obvious: you can buy a lot of stuff cheap at Target, yet it is easy to remember. A consumer will be able to get the message instantly from that catchphrase.

2.Lasting Impression

The next characteristic that all effective taglines display is that they are memorable. A prime example of this is the classic slogan: “It’s the Real Thing.” When most of us think of Coke, we remember the tagline. It’s different and it is memorable, but it conveys a simple message: there is only one Coca-Cola and it is worth paying for.

Coke and Target have had huge success with those phrases because they are simple and memorable. People still reference American Express’, “Don’t Leave Home Without It” and they haven’t used it for over 10 years.

3.Brand Enhancement

Any catchphrase you develop should compliment and strengthen your brand.  State Farm’s tagline never seems to change.  It’s, “Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There.”  Given that there entire brand revolves around better service, local agents and more comprehensive coverage, that simple line speaks to all three in a memorable way.  If they used Geico’s very casual, price-oriented, “A 15 minute call could save you 15% or more on car insurance” it would feel ill-fitting for their brand and their value proposition.

Of course there’s a fourth characteristic that we haven’t yet mentioned that’s actually the most important part of any slogan.  It’s that the tagline gets created in the first place.  Far too many organizations either fail to take action or can’t come to a consensus and, as a result, their advertising slogan or tagline fails.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Open your contest with Slogan Slingers now.