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The Three Million Dollar Advertising Slogan – Some of the Memorable Ad Slogans From The Big Game

By February 9, 2011 No Comments

The Super Bowl brought football season to an end on Sunday. (Yes, we’re depressed.) The game was extremely entertaining. And as expected, many of the commercials were as well. While the spots featured everything from beer serving dogs to severed thumbs on robots, no matter what the storyline, nearly all the advertisers ended their commercials the traditional way, with the logo and the company slogan at the end. That’s what they wanted you to remember most of all.

For many of the advertisers, those catchy ad slogans and marketing taglines are the most critical part of their three million dollar investment. The commercial’s story is designed to suck you in and the advertising slogan serves to redirect that excitement back to the product or service at the conclusion. It’s the oldest trick in the book…because it still works.

The advertising slogans included car company slogans, beer company slogans, candy bar taglines and more. We compiled a list of just some of the ad slogans and taglines from the big game. On a quick side note, the most popular commercials weren’t created by ad agencies, they were created through open to the public contests just like the crowdsourcing slogan contests we have at Slogan Slingers. More proof that multiple freelancers will beat the expensive ad agencies every time.  (Take note when you’re ready to get a slogan) So without further adieu, here are some of the catchy ad slogans and marketing taglines from Sunday’s game. We listed our three favorite company slogans first.

The Best Slogans:

Sealy – Whatever You Do In Bed, Sealy Supports It.

Chrysler – Imported From Detroit

Chevy – Chevy Runs Deep

Other Noteworthy Advertising Slogans:

Snickers (Tagline: You’re not you when you’re hungry) (Slogan: Snickers Satisfies)

Volkswagen – Das Auto

Bridgestone – It’s Bridgestone or Nothing

Audi – Truth In Engineering

Coca Cola – Open Happiness

Bud Light – Here We Go

Car Max – The Way Car Buying Should Be

E-Trade – Investing Unleashed

Kia – One Epic Ride

Career – Start Building – Confidence Comes Standard.

Mercedes Benz – The Best or Nothing

Planters – Naturally Remarkable

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Super Bowl.  The excitement, the food, the friends and of course, the slogans.  If you had a favorite advertising slogan from the big game.  Email us what you thought were the best slogans.  We’d love to hear from you.