The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make when using an advertising slogan generator is to ignore the basics of slogan writing. All catchy slogans have a few basic attributes in common that you need to be aware of.

The basic characteristics of a catchy slogan include:

  • Simplicity: An effective slogan has to be simple so readers can understand it with a glance. If a tagline is complex or hard to understand it will not work. Long phrases, obscure wording, hidden meanings and allusions complicate taglines and make them ineffective. A good rule of thumb to follow is that a reader should be able to understand what you’re saying in ten seconds.
  • Honesty: The slogan should honestly and accurately describe your product. The last thing a slogan maker should do is to deceive the potential customer. Make sure you’re not lying to the customer or raising expectations you cannot meet.
  • Compatibility: A catchy slogan that does not fit in with the rest of your advertising or your logo will not work. You should create a tagline that will fit in with your advertising and with your logo. The last thing you want is to completely redo all of your advertising to fit in with a new slogan.
  • Entertaining: An effective tagline should be entertaining in some way. Many catchphrases use humor to be entertaining but drama can be just as entertaining. Entertaining slogans are effective because they are memorable. An example of a dramatic slogan that’s effective is “The Stock Market for the Next 100 Years,” which was used by NASDAQ.
  • Positive: Negativity drives potential customers away, so a slogan should be positive in some way. It should say something good about your business. If the slogan says or implies something negative it will drive people away. A classic positive slogan is Avis’ “we try harder” which says we work hard on your behalf.
  • Original: An original slogan shows your creativity and helps differentiate your business from the crowd. Simply imitating someone else shows that you lack imagination and don’t want to go to extra length to promote your business.
  • Distinctive: The reason you employ an advertising slogan generator is to set your business apart from the pack. To do that you need a slogan that is distinct or different. You must show your customers why your product or service is different. A distinctive tagline is one of the best ways to do that.
  • Well written: The best slogans are well written and professional. They show the potential customer the quality of an organization and its people and products. A poorly written slogan tells a potential customer that your organization is sloppy and unprofessional. A well-written slogan shows customers that you are dedicated to doing a first rate job.
  • Short: The best slogans are easy to read and simple which means that they are generally short. A good rule of thumb to follow is that an effective tagline is never more than five or six words long.

Whenever you use an advertising slogan generator or a slogan writer you should keep the basics in mind. If you follow them you will have much easier time creating an effective tagline for your organization.