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The New Lowe’s Company Slogan – Perfect Execution!

By November 2, 2011 One Comment

Starting in 2006, Lowe’s started using the marketing slogan, “Let’s build something together.”  It was by nearly all accounts a very successful line, elevating their brand and emphasizing their goal of collaborating with customers as a partner in home improvement.  But just like that upstairs bathroom that might be starting to show its age, Lowe’s once catchy slogan was finally starting to lose impact.  Company slogans and taglines can do that after six years.

Lowe’s just introduced its new company slogan, “Never Stop Improving.”  It’s short.  It’s crisp.  It’s catchy. It’s inspirational.  We really like it.  What we like just as much is the way they introduced it.


There are no graphics or dialogue in the spot until the very end.  That’s when those three words, the new company slogan, appears on screen and ties the whole message together.  It shows you the power great marketing slogans can have.  If the words are right and spot is clever, you truly can move the needle.  Lowe’s first company slogan, “Improving Home Improvement” was a big hit but admittedly pretty straight forward.  Their second major slogan was a big step up.  Their new one is the best yet.  In our books, it has the clear edge over The Home Depot whose long-time advertising slogan, “You Can Do It.  We Can Help.” was replaced by the more recent “More Saving. More Doing.”


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