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The Elements of a Good Slogan

By August 14, 2012 No Comments

All truly effective catchy slogans have a few things in common. If a slogan maker can identify these elements he or she will know what makes an effective tagline. A business owner that can identify these elements will be able to use an advertising slogan generator to create an effective and memorable catchphrase for her enterprise.

So what are the elements of an effective tagline? Here is what is popular but catchy slogans all have in common:

  • Simplicity: all effective slogans are very simple take eBay’s “Buy it. Sell it. Love it.” It is short and to the point so it will be easy to understand and more importantly easy to remember.
  • Different: a tagline must show customers and potential customers how your business stands apart from its competition. Jaguar’s “grace, space, pace,” shows customers how a Jag is different from other cars. It is also simple and memorable.
  • Memorable: an effective slogan must stick in the minds of people who see it. Not only must a slogan be different it must also be memorable. A great way to get people to remember a phrase is to make it funny while another is to make it bold or outrageous. Examples of this include Adidas’s “Impossible is nothing” and Diesel clothing’s “Be stupid.” You will remember these catchy slogans whether you believe them or not.
  • Convey a benefit: an effective catchphrase must tell a potential customer how a product will benefit him. A perfect example of this is the one for Blogger: “Push button publishing.” The slogan tells the customer that he or she can publish something quickly at the push of a button. Another is FedEx’s “When there is no tomorrow.” It tells customers that FedEx can get their shipment to its destination as quickly as possible.
  • Identity: the slogan must establish your business’s identity and tell the customer what sets it apart from the competition. A tremendous example of this is Porsche’s “There is no substitute.” It establishes Porsche as a one of a kind product which nobody else can match. Fortune magazine’s “For the men in charge of change” is another. It tells the reader that Fortune is for leaders.

You should always keep these basics in mind whenever you use an advertising slogan generator. Taglines that do not match these criteria will be ineffective and can actually make your business look bad or at least silly.

A great way to see which taglines are effective is to take a look at this list of excellent slogans compiled by the HongKiat advertising agency. This list can show you what to look for and make sure you don’t waste your time and money when you use an advertising slogan generator.