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The Democratic Party Wants You!

By September 11, 2012 No Comments

The Democratic National Committee is looking for some new catchy slogans and is asking for your help. The party has asked the average Democrat to turn into a slogan maker and participate in what it calls the Address America road tour. The tour will travel through the United States seeking new taglines for the world’s oldest political party.

The tour has already picked up some interesting slogans for its Six-Word Stump Speech contest. The potential taglines include some good ones and some bad ones.

One of the taglines unveiled so far is:

“Progress, Choice, Environment, Equality, Education, Compassion.”

This might sound good to a party hack but it does not work because it is a series of meaningless words. It doesn’t tell the potential voter anything about what the Democrats might do for him or why she should vote Democrat, after all, everybody believes in those concepts or at least claims to. A tagline that outlined how the Democrats intend to protect or expand those qualities would have been far more effective.

A far better tagline that might backfire is this one:

“It’s all about the Supreme Court.”

Yes this catchy slogan reminds Democrats that the President appoints members of the Court. Unfortunately, it reminds Republicans the same thing. It gives both parties’ members a reason to vote.

My favorite slogan is one that doesn’t have any overt political meaning but is highly memorable. The slogan maker obviously came up with something quite brilliant here even if it is not that original. Here it is:

“Believing isn’t the problem. Take action.”

This works because it offends nobody but reminds voters that the future is in their hands. It also gives everybody that uses an advertising slogan generator an important lesson: an effective slogan does not have to be right on mark. It can deliver an important message that has nothing to do with your goal.

So far the Six Word Stump Speech competition has come up with at least three more catchy slogans that could be highly effective. They include:

“To secure the benefits of liberty.”

This is highly effective even if it is poor grammar because it associates the Democrats with a highly patriotic concept that all Americans love namely: liberty. More importantly, it asserts the party’s basic values without making any promises or offending anybody. Another benefit to this tagline is that it indicates that the Democrats support a strong defense. Something they have a hard time convincing voters of.

Another catchy slogan that is also highly effective is this one:

“Preserve benefits for our wounded warriors.”

This tells the voter that the Democrats care about veterans and want to help them. It also makes the party seem patriotic without seeming hawkish.

These slogans sound more effective than some of those that the party’s own speech writers have come up with. Business owners should take a page out of the Democrats’ playbook and use a slogan writing contest rather than an advertising slogan generator or a sloganizer. Such a contest gives you a far greater number of slogans for a much lower price.