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Tagline Contest Winners Kim Feeney & Gwen Javor

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Slogan Slingers is here to feature two brilliant female elite writers. These two women are very successful and career driven but still make time to enter slogan contests.

Meet Kim Feeney

Kim is from Montreal, Canada. She has a French Canadian background with Irish. Kim is currently an Administrative Assistant in Commercial Real Estate. A super creative individual, she enjoys the process of coming up with ideas and thinking outside of the box. Kim says for a weird food combination she likes dipping her white meat in fruit jam. Kim enjoys the salty/sweet combinations.

Kim believes a catchy slogan derives from an ease of recall, one that triggers a personal emotion, inspires to aim for greatness, and one that sticks in your head, like a song you can’t get rid of! Rhyme or alliteration can be powerful when used in its proper context. To contest holders, Kim believes one of the most helpful things would be to mention what they absolutely don’t want in their slogan. It’s way easier to say what you don’t want, or we (the writers) wouldn’t need others to help us figure out what we do want! For example, if your company is named XYZ, you might not necessarily want X, Y, or Z to appear in the actual slogan and by mentioning that, this will save time for the contest holder and make it easier for them to choose a winner. It will also make it easier for the contestant to narrow down their ideas.

Here at Slogan Slingers, we always ask our elite writers what can we improve and most times it is for the contest holders to be as descriptive as possible. The contest holders are vital to a great slogan because what they give the writers to go off of is what in turn they get. Slogan Contests are wonderful because they collect freelance writers from all across the globe, like Kim from Canada and Gwen from Budapest. The more eyes the clearer the picture. The more writers the better the slogan.

Meet Gwendolyn Javor

Gwen was born and raised in Budapest! Life took her to New York to go to law school. She practiced law for a little and discovered it wasn’t for her. She took her creative mind to write children’s books, and inspire young individuals to love and respect each other. But she spends some time on slogan contests too, creating brilliant slogans and taglines for companies, products, and services.

No more law school so now what? Gwen is a published author! Gwen’s children book is called Absurdimals. Gwen believes in the goodness of children, through her book, she teaches children to love, respect and inspire individuality. Slogans can inspire individuality as well. Slogans are what allow for a brand to draw attention, inspire, allow consumers to connect with the brand and even create a memorable image.

For Slogan Slingers, Gwen mentions her inspiration stems from her personal experience. Gwen believes a slogan is catchy when something is witty, easily gets stuck in your head, and can be applied to a multitude of life experiences. To contest holders, Gwen says the more information you provide, the better. Examples of likes and dislikes are also helpful.

Slogan Slingers is thrilled to have featured these two successful career women as elite writers.