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Super Slogans for the Super Bowl

By February 15, 2013 No Comments

With the immense audience it commands, the Super Bowl is the best time of year to put your marketing slogan on the airways. In fact, many people watch the Super Bowl, not for the game, but rather for the advertisements. This year, some of those ads highlighted the marketing slogan, and some of them included the slogan seemingly as an afterthought.

One of the best ads highlighting a marketing slogan came from Kia. The Forte advertisement is all about the power of technology, and while the ad doesn’t focus on the car itself, it builds up to a dramatic showing of its marketing slogan, Respect the Tech. The marketing slogan itself is about the power of technology, even in a lower priced vehicle. This was the best advertisement showcasing advertising slogans.

The next ad and slogan had a completely different tone than Kia’s. The Dodge Ram showcased its marketing slogan, Guts, Glory, Ram, by saluting farmers. The advertising spot didn’t show much of the Dodge Ram, but rather praised the legacy, guts, and glory of farmers. By the end, when the marketing slogan finally showed, the consumer was left with a sense of pride in the American farmers, and it translated nicely into pride for this American truck.

Volkswagon, on the other hand, went for a literal approach to its advertising slogan, Get In, Get Happy. The message behind the slogan is clear—that driving a Volkswagon can change your outlook on life, but there were some odd choices in how to present it, including using a Jamaican accent in the dialog. This rather cheesy choice downplayed the message of the slogan, diminishing its effectiveness.

Century 21’s advertisement left its marketing slogan feeling like an afterthought. The marketing slogan—Smarter, Bolder, Faster—attempts to convey why Century 21 agents are better than their competition, but neither of their ad spots during the Super Bowl really showcased the marketing slogan. The ad played on the idea of needing a Century 21 agent in an emergency, but the emergencies were overly dramatic, diminishing the effect of a potentially powerful advertising slogan.

That said, the ads with marketing slogans included were more memorable, for the most part, than those without. The ads showed examples of marketing slogans for companies as well as individual products and lines. Do wish you could have a marketing slogan for your company or product? If so, click here to start down the path to your perfect advertising slogan with Slogan Slingers.