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Catchy Restaurant Slogans: Get Inspiration for Your Next Restaurant Slogan

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restaurant slogans, catchy restaurant slogansWriting or evaluating catchy slogans is impossible without a point of reference to begin with. The only way to know what a really good slogan looks like is to take a look at somebody else’s successful slogan.

Creating a tagline for a restaurant can be tricky because there are thousands of restaurant taglines out there. Fortunately it is really easy to go online and take a look at some of the best. Here is a list of some interesting restaurant taglines for your consideration:

  • “Good friends. Great food. Great beer.” This tagline for the Rock Bottom Brewery chain works because it is simple to the point and it captures the essence of the business.
  • “Great Seafood. Not a lot of clams.” The slogan maker for the Rockfish Seafood Grill restaurant failed here. This phrase is confusing and it could drive some customers away. After all a lot of people like clams. This looks like an attempt at humor that fell flat on its face.
  • “The people pleasing place.” This tagline for Penguin Point, a chain of family restaurants in Indiana works. It emphasizes the chain’s customer service and its emphasis on comfort food.
  • “Big city variety, small town price.” The slogan generator for the Taiwan Chinese Restaurant succeeded with this one. Taiwan specializes in buffet which offers a lot of food at a low price. The slogan succeeds in conveying the business and its benefits to the customer.
  • “Smell that smoke.” Another attempt at humor that falls flat on its face. This effort from the Bandana’s Bar-B-Q in Missouri fails because it doesn’t give a person a reason to eat at the restaurant. The restaurant sells barbecue not smoke.
  • “Fall in love with pizza again!” The slogan maker for Pier 49, a chain of pizzerias succeeded here. The catchphrase distinguishes the chain from its competition and succeeds in poking fun at its competition. The phrase tells customers that the chain’s product is better than its competition.
  • “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.” This slogan for Hooters a chain of sports bars fails miserably because it is meaningless. It doesn’t give the diner any reason to go to Hooters. A slogan must convey a benefit, a restaurant slogan give a person a reason to eat at that particular establishment.
  • “Life is too short for average food!” This catchy slogan for the Loop Pizza Grill works because it tells the customer that the Loop has really good food. It also distinguishes it from the competition.

The Basics of Restaurant Slogans

The purpose of a restaurant slogan is to set an eating establishment apart from the crowd. There are hundreds perhaps thousands of restaurants in the average city ranging from fast food joints to fine dining. On some level every eating place in town is competing against all of them.

A catchphrase for a restaurant must set that establishment apart by offering the diner something that no other eating place does. A buffet might emphasize value for the dollar while a sit down restaurant might emphasize service.

A diner that’s open after midnight might point out in its slogan. Its slogan might be: “Your hunger never sleeps, neither do we.”

A restaurant slogan must be simple and it must be catchy but it has to convey what the benefits of that place are. Meaningless or vague phrases such as “original food” or “home cooking” will not accomplish that purpose.

Conveying a benefit is one of the most important goals of slogan making. If you cannot convey what the benefit of your restaurant is even a catchy slogan will do you little good.