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Slogans vs. Taglines – What’s The Difference?

By February 1, 2011 No Comments

It’s a questions we get a lot here at Slogan Slingers.  Is there a difference between slogans and taglines?  The answer is…drum roll please…it depends on whom you ask.  There’s a good likelihood that a marketing professor would tell you that advertising slogans and a company taglines couldn’t be more different.  He or she would tell you that your company tagline is like your logo.  It’s with you day in and day out.  It rarely changes over the years.  Your advertising slogan, however, is tied to a particular campaign or marketing initiative.  You could even have multiple advertising slogans going at once to achieve different objectives.

Of course, professors aren’t always in touch with the real world.

We recently sat down with 10 CEOs who ran successful small businesses and we found out something quite interesting.  While every CEO new what a slogan was, several of the CEOs weren’t even familiar with the term “tagline.”   Only two of the ten believed there was a difference between a company tagline and an advertising slogan.  And only one of the ten actually articulated the differences in the way a marketing professor probably would.  So if perception is reality then, really there isn’t a difference.

(Yes, marketing purists, send us your hate mail telling us we’ve just said something ignorant, blasphemous or both!)

The point is, it doesn’t really matter what you call it.  If you’re looking for the best taglines or catchy slogans, Slogan Slingers is still a great option to get a line that will engage your target audience.   From advertising slogans to award-winning taglines, get a slogan from Slogan Slingers and figure out what to call it later!  Open a contest with the ultimate slogan generator.