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Slogans Should Be Positive

By October 16, 2012 No Comments

The old saying states you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This saying is certainly true that which is sweet or positive will always attract more attention than what is negative. That’s why catchy slogans are often positive.

Even though a negative tagline might attract attention it will repel potential customers from your business. It will also reflect badly on your business because people think negative thoughts about it. The first thing many people think about when they think about a particular service or product is often the slogan. So if you use a negative tagline people will be thinking negative thoughts about the business.

A successful slogan maker knows how to make businesses and organizations look good. This is often done by creating positive slogans that make people feel good about organizations or their services. A classic example of this is McDonald’s “you deserve a break today.” This catchy slogan implies that something good will happen when you go to McDonald’s. It says you’ll leave McDonald’s feeling better than when you came in, so the tagline gives people a reason to go to McDonald’s.

The reverse is true of negative taglines that tell potential customers something bad. A tagline that bashes a competitor tells customers, “our business is bad that the only way we can promote it is to knock the competition.” A tagline that plays on a negative emotion such as fear does much the same thing.

If Joe’s Alarm Company uses the slogan “your family is not safe at night.” All Joe is doing is telling his customers that their family is in danger. That is not positive. On the other hand, if Joe used an advertising slogan generator to create the phrase “we keep your family safe at night.” He is telling customers something positive and that they can keep their families safe.

Slogans Should Convey a Benefit

Conveying a positive emotion such as safety or security is what successful slogans do. They imply a benefit to the customer while negative slogans tell the customer that something is wrong. WalMart’s classic “Save Money Live Better,” tells a potential customer that you can improve your life by shopping at the big box store. It makes something that might convey negative emotions (shopping at a discount store) and puts a positive spin on it.

A slogan that said WalMart has cheaper prices than everybody else does the opposite. That implies that WalMart and its merchandise are substandard and that there’s something wrong about people that shop there. Obviously that will repel customers rather than attract them.

When you are using an advertising slogan generator always be aware that negativity can cost you and defeat the purpose of creating taglines. Even unintentional negativity can drive away potential customers by giving them a negative image of your product or business. Positivity on the other hand will attract business by making people associate your business with something good.