Slogans in Social Media Companies

Catchy slogans to help get the point across for social media

It is apparent that a catchy slogan is a great way to promote a business, no matter the product or service.  Nearly every industry has jumped onto the slogan bandwagon, from automobiles to hospitals.  Social media is no exception.  Facebook and Google + each have a sloganto help promote their website.  Interestingly, sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram don’t have a slogan yet, although there is discussion among users, especially for Twitter, about what a catchy slogan could be.

Facebook’s slogan is “Share Something.”  At first glance, the slogan seems dull, although it certainly complies with the rule regarding length.  Where this slogan really shines, however, is in descriptiveness.  Facebook is all about sharing.  Users share posts, pictures, videos, their relationship status, time on each other’s farm in Farmville, and more.  Users will certainly find “Share Something” to be a fairly catchy slogan for Facebook.  Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t done a lot with its slogan.  It doesn’t appear on its home page or any of its advertising.  As with all slogans, the more you put it in front of your consumers, the better results you will have.


Google Plus’s slogan is both catchier at first glance and better utilized.  “That’s a Plus” has appeared on nearly all of Google Plus’ ad spots, and is even the subject of an entire ad campaign.  Google Plus did an excellent job of keeping its slogan short, memorable, and descriptive.  Just like many of the most successful slogans out there (“Just Do It” or “I’m Loving It,” for example), “That’s a Plus” is easy to use in everyday language, keeping this social media site in the minds of its consumers.  The slogan is not very descriptive of the site itself, but immediately brings to mind the name of the website, which in this case, works just as well, if not better.

The social media industry is beginning to understand the importance of a catchy slogan.  Based upon Google Plus’s success is gaining market share against the giant that is Facebook, it won’t be long before Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites jump on the bandwagon.  If your business or product is among those without a catchy slogan to promote it, don’t wait for your competitors to start the trend.  Click here to start down the path to your very own catchy slogan.