Tax Slogans

Slogans for Tax Day and other Current Events

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A well written slogan created around an upcoming event can help a firm drum up some extra business. A classic example of this is Tax Day which as we all know is coming up on April 15.

A tagline such as “We know taxes” or “We can do your taxes for you” can take advantage of this upcoming event. There are actually man ways that you can incorporate an event such as tax day into slogan writing.

Take Advantage of Emotion

A good one is try to and deal with the fear of taxes that many people seem to have. This anxiety often builds to a crescendo as April 15 approaches. A clever slogan writer can easily take advantage of it and drum up business for accounting firms, tax attorneys and tax preparers.  Some taglines designed to take advantage of this include:

  • “Don’t fear April 15, we’ve got it covered.”
  • “Even if you forgot about April 15, we didn’t and we can deal with it.”
  • “You may have forgotten about April 15 but the IRS has not.”
  • “April 15 is no problem for us because we deal with taxes all year round.”

These taglines remind the customer that he or she may need certain services real soon. They also tell the customer that the business can deal with an unpleasant chore (taxes) for them.

Remind them about the Refund

Taking advantage of emotions like fear is one way to deal with an event such as Tax Day in a slogan. Another is to capitalize on the potential positive returns such as a tax refund.

Here are some taglines designed to capitalize on that aspect of the day:

  • “April 15 is coming up fast do you know how much your refund is?”

Or a humorous approach might be more effective.

  • “If you don’t want your refund, don’t file your tax return before April 15.”

Another method is to remind customers that you have expertise that they don’t. Humor can be a real helper here because taxes are a negative subject that turns many people off. Adding a little humor to a tagline can turn something that frightens people into something attractive. Here’s an example:

  • “If you like paying more taxes than you have too, don’t call us.”

Another tactic is to use the tagline to remind potential customers of negative consequences:

  • “Call us about your taxes before the IRS calls you.”
  • “Even if you forgot about your taxes, the IRS hasn’t forgotten about you.”

The widespread fear of the IRS can work to the advantage of slogan writers as well. Here are some examples.

  • “If you let us do your taxes you don’t have to be afraid of the IRS.”
  • “A good accountant keeps the IRS away.”
  • “You can pay us or pay the IRS.”
  • “We’re not afraid of the IRS.”
  • “The IRS is not on your side but we are.”

Tax preparation is a perfect example of a service that most people need but hate to think about. A well written slogan is a perfect means of reminding potential customers that they need it and a particular company provides it.

Events like Tax Day are also a great reason to hold a slogan contest. Adding an event driven slogan can make your advertising more compelling and effective.