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Slogans for Personal Injury Attorneys

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Need a catchy slogan for your personal injury practice? Start a contest now!

Need a catchy tagline for your personal injury practice? Start a contest now!

Let’s face it personal injury attorneys have an image problem even though they perform a vital service that helps many people the public distrusts such lawyers. One way to help improve the image of injury attorneys and separate a law firm or attorney from the popular misconceptions about the profession is with a catchy slogan.

Emphasize Values

A tagline that emphasizes ethics, compassion and justice can get this message across to the public. An example of this is used by Barnes & Thornburg, a nationwide law that uses the slogan: Enduring Values. This tagline sets the firm apart by stressing values rather than money.

Many people dislike lawyers because they see them as cold-hearted litigators that are lacking in compassion and empathy. The Gardere law firm which operates in Texas and Mexico tried to counter this with: Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom.

Another good example of a catchy slogan that emphasizes values would be: Where Law and Compassion Meet or Where Justice and Compassion Meet. People who have been injured want justice but they also need and want compassion.

Stressing two or three values is another excellent way to set a law firm apart from the crowd. It might be done with: Legal Expertise with Compassion and Honesty.

Emphasize Skill

Emphasizing values can backfire because people don’t just want values in an attorney. A person goes to a personal injury attorney because she is in a situation she doesn’t understand and needs help. She also wants to somebody fight for her because finds herself in the middle she doesn’t understand.

A tagline designed to meet this situation might be: We will fight for you with honesty and compassion.

Slogans that emphasize rights work well because people generally go to an attorney when their rights have been trampled upon. A really good sloganthat shows the public what personal injury attorneys is all about is: You’ve got rights. We protect them.

People seeking injury attorneys often feel vulnerable and victimized because they have been victimized. They want to be empowered or at least feel that there’s a way out of the situation that they are in. A tagline for that situation is: You don’t have to be to a victim anymore.


Empathy is the Key to Effective to Personal Injury Law Slogans

Empathy with potential clients can help you write or choose an effective personal injury law slogan. When you write slogans or try to pick slogan contest winners try to put yourself in the place of a potential client.

Think: “I’ve just been injured and then lied to and perhaps cheated by the insurance company and its lawyers.” A person in that situation feels distrustful after all the only attorneys she’s seen are the ones trying to talk her into signing away her rights.

A tagline for this situation might be: I’m a lawyer and I’m on your side. That mantra adds humor which can help to humanize a dreadful situation. An even more effective slogan might be: We understand what you’re going through and we know how to help.

A little empathy can go a long way in making an effective slogan that attracts clients. If you can change a person’s perception of personal injury attorneys you can get yourself a client.