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Slogans are Cost Effective

By March 20, 2013 No Comments

A slogan that sticks can save money.

The creation of catchy slogans is one of the most cost effective advertising and promotion strategies that any business can adopt.

A catchy slogan is an advertising tool that a business can use over and over again in many different mediums. Slogans can be used in television, radio, newspaper, posters, flyers, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, Facebook marketing campaigns, online banner advertising, billboards, signs and almost any other medium of advertising that you can think of.

Many companies have used the same catchy slogans for decades or even generation. Phrases such as The New York Times “All the News that Fit to Print” establish a brand and create an image in the mind of the public. This image can stick with a brand for generations.

There is no Substitute for Catchy Slogans

Simply put there is no other advertising tool that has the versatility and flexibility of slogans. No other marketing strategy can be used in so many different advertising mediums or used over and over again like a catchy slogan can.
Most advertising has a very short shelf life, it has to be replaced or refreshed after just a few weeks or months. Some commercials don’t even survive for a week and most print ads have to be completely redone every few weeks. Yet the same catchy slogan can be used over and over again in hundreds of different advertisements.
There is little else that can establish brand identity so quickly and so effectively as a good slogan. Yet many people fail to create catchy slogans they spend far more time and money on advertising that will be outdated in a few days.

Technology Doesn’t Make Catchy Slogans Obsolete

Catchy slogans are one area of advertising that technological progress has little or no effect upon. When new advertising mediums such as the internet, Facebook and Social Media appear, the same catchy slogan can be used in them. The slogan that works in a newspaper ad can also work in a viral marketing campaign or on online banner ads.
Catchy slogans can also be added to a wide variety of promotional items ranging from pens to t-shirts. A catchy slogan can be everywhere it can be online, in e-mail, in social media, on billboards and on cup holders and bumper stickers all over town. It can be right in front of your customers’ faces and part of their everyday lives.