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Slogans and Targeted Advertising

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Create a slogan contest to reach a better target for your product.

Almost everybody in business knows that advertising dollars and resources are in short supply these days. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to penny-pinching strategies such as advertising slogan generators, slogan contests and targeted advertising to maximize their resources.

Targeted advertising in particular can present a real challenge for companies because existing slogans may not be suitable or effective for it. Most slogans are designed with one a broad audience in mind. Phrases that might appeal to a wide audience can drive away or simply confuse the small groups that targeted advertising is aimed at.

Why Advertising Slogan Generators Don’t Work for Targeted Advertising

To make matters advertising slogan generators do little good in creating slogans for targeted audiences. Such computer programs use algorithms to put words together. The phrases they generate are usually so general that they cannot be targeted.

At the same time it usually costs too much to hire a copywriter to create a large number of specific slogans for targeted advertising. Slogan writing contests on the other hand are an excellent solution for targeted advertising.

An entrepreneur can create a different contest for each targeted advertising campaign. The prize in each contest can be a fraction of the cost of paying a professional copywriter to create slogans. Therefore an entrepreneur can get several slogans for several different contests for the price of one professionally written catchphrase.

That means businesses have the capability to launch dozens of different targeted advertising campaigns – each with a specific slogan for a specific audience. There can be one slogan aimed at younger customers, another aimed at older customers and others aimed at business customers. You can even slogans aimed at Spanish speaking customers.

Slogans Galore

Targeted advertising is made for today’s media and slogan contests are made for targeted advertising. There simply is no other copywriting tool that can provide a business with the variety of slogans and access to more creative writers.

Hiring writers for each campaign can be expensive and risky. There is no guarantee that the writer will complete the job let alone write an effective slogan. Contests ensure that dozens of different writers are working on each slogan.

Slogan Contests Generate Ideas for Targeted Advertising

Another tremendous advantage to slogan writing contests is that they can generate a large number of really good ideas for targeted advertising. The creative people who enter such contests can often suggest new strategies for advertising.

A slogan can form the basis of such a contest and even direct it. There might be uses for a product or markets out there that entrepreneurs don’t know about, slogans can point the way to such markets. More importantly they can often serve as a targeted advertising campaign in themselves.

The maker of a popular orange juice might not realize that the juice could be used in martinis or in cooking. A slogan writer might and suggest it in her contest entry. This could suggest new targeted advertising campaigns such as recipe contests or recipes that could be sent to customers via social media.

Targeted advertising is a powerful marketing tool. Effective slogan contests can amplify the power and focus of that tool.