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Slogans and Social Media

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Cracking social media can be tough but not impossible even for entrepreneurs on a budget. A catchy slogan can spread virally on social media without any additional expense.

The trick of course is creating a catchy slogan in the first place. Writing effective slogans can be tough even for experienced wordsmiths. All sloganizers and slogan generatorsdo is to slap words together. Their creations often

A catchy slogan and go viral through social media at no cost.

Slogans and social media can go viral at no cost.

sound silly and end up making a business look very bad.

Spending extra on a Slogan can Help You Succeed in the Long Run

Spending the extra money to develop a catchy slogan when you launch your social media marketing campaign can help you succeed in the long run. A well-crafted catchphrase especially one aimed at younger people will attract attention on social media.

Best of all you can use it over and over again in dozens of different marketing campaigns. You can even use it elsewhere in print or traditional online marketing campaigns. Catchy slogans are versatile some of them are so popular that they even enter the language. The phrase “Better Living through Chemistry” began as a slogan.

Try developing a very unique and unusual yet well written slogan that will be hard to ignore or pass up. The best way to do this is to hire a professional writer to create a catchphrase or to hold a slogan contest.

Slogan Contests can Suggest Ideas for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Slogan contests are not just a cost effective means of developing catchy slogans for social media. They are also a great way to develop new strategies or concepts for social media marketing. The slogans themselves often suggest a marketing strategy or an entire campaign.

Some very creative people participate in slogan writing contests so you are effectively picking their brains. When you hold such a contest you get many different viewpoints and best of all you don’t have to pay for that marketing research it’s an added bonus.

Such competitions are more than just contests they are also marketing research tools. The responses can suggest solutions to dilemmas and strategies. They also provide valuable insight into what the public or particular groups might think of your product or campaign.

Slogan Contests and Market Intelligence

Gathering data about the market can be difficult even with powerful new tools like SEO. Too often all such tools provide are numbers that don’t tell any sort of a story or deliver any true insight.

The responses to a slogan contest can provide insight that can suggest new strategies for social media. They might also point to other solutions you might not have thought of.

Catchy slogans are vital to success in social media because space in messages such as tweets is limited. The more you can say in a few words the better. A good slogan will say a real lot.

What people write about your product in their slogan contest entries can say a lot about your product or business. That can translate into a whole new way of viewing your business and social media itself. It can also show the way to a successful marketing campaign.