Ethics can be a big part in deciding a slogan.

There is an ethical dimension to marketing slogans that some entrepreneurs might not be aware of. Taglines can raise serious ethical questions because they often make a promise.

If the business cannot or will not deliver on the promise made in the tagline it is essentially lying to customers and potential customers. A store that promises: “the lowest prices in town” but does not deliver is not only deceiving customers, it is giving them a reason not to believe its marketing slogans.

That means business owners need to review their organizations’ capabilities before they employ a slogan maker. They need to know what their organization is capable of and not capable before putting a promise before the public.

Don’t Make Unrealistic Promises

A retailer should check with suppliers and wholesalers to make sure she can deliver on promises of low prices. If she learns that wholesale prices or other business costs will go up in the near future scrapping a  marketing slogan promising low prices would be a really good idea.

A company owner that promises “One day service” or “one day turnaround” should go over his business records to determine if his staff can actually provide such service. If they cannot the owner should consider emphasizing another of the organization’s capabilities.

A car dealer would be better off stating: “We clean every used car on our lot” than “we have the cleanest cars in town.” There is no way to prove the second claim, but it is easy to verify the first claim.

Making a claim that can be verified in a marketing slogan adds credibility to the tagline and the business. It proves that the company is honest and delivers on its promises to customers. It also demonstrates that the organization is ethical and treats customers in an ethical manner.

Review Taglines Regularly

Business operators need to reveal all taglines regularly to make sure that they accurately reflect the organization’s capabilities and operations. The business might have new capabilities that are not mentioned in the current slogans. It might no longer be capable of delivering on some promises made.

After the review you might have to update the slogans. The best way to do this is to hold a slogan writing contest to create a new tagline for the organization. It is also a good idea to hold such a contest whenever the organization’s capabilities change.

If prices have to be raised it might be a good idea to create a new slogan that emphasizes some of the business’s other strengths such as customer service or expertise. If there is something that your organization does that no competitor does it would be a good idea to point it out.

You should verify this before you spend money on the slogan contest. A good way to verify your competitors’ capabilities is to simply call them and ask what they can do. Don’t claim that your organization has a unique capability when it does not.

Creating a slogan that accurately and honestly reflects your organization’s capabilities is one of the best ways to demonstrate a commitment to ethical business practices to customers. A slogan contest can enable you to take this step today.