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Slogan Writer Profile: Scott Spjut

By July 9, 2013 No Comments

Slogan Slingers is home to colorful characters, with colorful writing, and blog writers in colorful rooms. Scott Spjut is this week’s talented writer who can produce slogans almost as fast as tears.


Scott is a sensitive soul. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the lake has become an accumulation of his tears from every time he watches V for Vendetta. When he’s not expressing himself for V, he writes professionally. Like last week’s writer, he believes brevity is the soul of wit. I guess all great writers think alike.

He has won two contests on Slogan Slingers, and has been ranked in four others. One of his catchy slogans, “Caves are for Neanderthals.  Be a real man” ranks high on his list of witty taglines. During the commercials that break up V for Vendetta on TNT he has caught glimpses, though teary eyes, of Acura ILX’s slogan, “Move up without settling down.” Along with other commercials for Acura ILX, he admires how the slogan perfectly encapsulates the market the brand is going for, while also invoking a wonderful emotional response. Perhaps they took a note out of Alan Moore’s book (yes, V for Vendetta was a book first).

The slogan of all slogans that Scott can’t stand comes from Apple. It’s not what is said, but the grammar. “Think Different.” To be grammatically sound it should be “Think Differently,” but we need to give Apple a break, they’re computer people. They should have hired Scott, with experience writing commercial scripts, news articles, websites, blogs, SEO articles, magazine features – (insert mental breather here) – movie reviews, product names, brand strategies, style guide, and beyond, he clearly knows a thing or two about being a slogan maker.

And in-between his writing and movie watching, he enjoys flipping through award shows. His obsession is unfounded, yet geared on by shows, such as his favorite, The Kennedy Center Honors. How, though, would you expect an award show loving, V for Vendetta crying, slogan writing, colorful individual to describe himself? As a person who didn’t cry during Toy Story 3. Who didn’t cry during Toy Story 3! Clearly Scott is not as sensitive as we thought.

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