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Slogan Writer Profile: Helen Kingston – Dive in with the Mermaid

By June 12, 2013 No Comments

Over the next few months we’ll be featuring some of the great slogan writers of Slogan Slingers. You’ll find some of the writers are as unique as they slogans they write. First up is Helen Kingston, a two-time slogan winner on the site.


Helen Kingston (user name: hkingstn) is a part time screenwriter and professional mermaid (we’ll get to that in a second) who loves putting words in the right order to tell stories and sell ideas. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit. And in slogan writing she enjoys the challenge of conveying a brand and an idea in a few, memorable words. Originally from the land of Shakespeare, Helen currently lives in North America.

Since joining Slogan Slingers Helen has won two slogan contests, including “See the World in Your Hands” for CobbleWeb. Whether writing a story or a slogan, her focus remains the same: the audience. How do the words make them feel? What does it make them think in that moment? Other than the rare gems that make people laugh, the slogans she admires the most are those that engage the imagination, such as the National Lottery’s: “It Could Be You.” People see the slogan and think, “You know … that really could be me. And if it was, what would I do with all that money?” Right there and then, they use their own imagination to create their dream house or holiday. The human imagination is far more powerful than the human will, so they go to the store and buy a lottery ticket.

Helen is an advocate of Billy Wilder’s writing rule “Don’t be boring” and dislikes slogans that are too long or dull or both. After graduating with a degree in English Literature and Writing, Helen worked in the British Film Industry and played a mermaid in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo before crossing the Atlantic (she didn’t swim) to teach screenwriting at a university. Helen is keen to write copy for clients, from website content to scripts for commercials, she’ll do it all. She is a story addict, a word junkie and will be heading to Hollywood this summer to pitch like crazy. Helen Kingston: Small Notebook. Big Imagination.


Twitter: @kingstonwrites


More slogan writers to come! Keep track to see if your profile gets posted and be sure to check out more of the great writers of Slogan Slingers.