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Slogan Busts: Ad Slogans & Taglines To Avoid

By December 14, 2010 No Comments

When it comes to ad slogans we see instant classics all the time here at Slogan Slingers.  After all, when you start a catchy slogan contest and receive entries from the best professional slogan writers literally across the globe, you’re bound to get lots of brilliant lines.  Of course, we realize not everyone is going to use Slogan Slingers for advertising slogans and taglines.  So if you’re stuck with an expensive ad agency or solo professional slogan writer, here is our definitive list of the most cliche lines in the company slogan universe.

Hot Deals on Cool (Whatever you’re selling).  COMMENT: This is as lazy as lines get.  Yet we see it hundreds of times a year on signs, billboards and in ads.)

Serving our community since (Year Goes Here).  COMMENT: Your longevity is commendable.  It’s too bad nobody cares about anything but the present.

Got (Whatever we’re selling)?  (A la “Got Milk?”) COMMENT: Another lazy line that research shows is helping promote the milk industry not the company “borrowing” the line.

Great Service!  Great Price!  COMMENT: Generic Slogan!  Generic Slogan!

When you want the job done right.  COMMENT: As opposed to when you want the job done wrong?

The Quality You Deserve!  COMMENT:  This ad slogan could be for any company in the world.

Yes, there are a lot of overused lines out there but fortunately, the best company slogan for your business hasn’t even been written yet.  If you’re ready for the best taglines, award winning advertising slogans, company slogans and more, open a contest with Slogan Slingers.  We’d love to help!