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Shark Tank’s Daymond John: Biggest Branding Mistake Is No Slogan

By October 2, 2014 No Comments

Importance of business slogans in brandingWe already love Entrepreneur because they wrote an amazing story about us a few years back.  Now we love them even more. If you didn’t catch it last week, Entrepreneur had an incredible piece featuring Shark Tank’s Daymond John where he talked about the importance of having a business slogan. John is sort of the branding guru of the show having made millions upon millions with his branding and marketing acumen. What was so great is that he reiterated what we’ve been saying all along. That is the fact that the value of catchy slogans and taglines goes way beyond marketing purposes.  An effective company slogan sets the tone for the whole company. It’s like a compass that should guide everything the company does, believes in and strives for. Your business slogan is the never changing bedrock which is the core of your company.

He referenced one of his own companies as the perfect example. One of Daymond John’s best known companies, FUBU actually used their slogan as the company name.  FUBU stood for “For Us. By Us.” John says it was the company’s slogan, it’s mantra and its rallying cry. It was about people creating the kind of apparel they themselves would want to wear.  He noticed that in the apparel industry, the hip-hop crowd was being almost entirely neglected. The small amount of apparel that was being created was by outsiders who weren’t really part of the hip-hop community. So FUBU (For Us. By Us.) was born. Famous hip-hop artists loved the clothes and just as importantly identified with the message and the rest is history.

John says that he believes that companies that don’t have slogans probably don’t have a good enough idea of who they are or what their brand is.  Or if a company had a good grasp on their brand at one time, it’s likely to continually change, possibly in several directions at once if there isn’t that one overriding company slogan always there to right the ship.

John advises that company’s need to develop a slogan and never change it. He says in the piece from Entrepreneur, “Your message has to remain the same. It can’t change all the time, because branding is a long game. Once you start down that path, you stay with it and you defend it and you grow with it and you define it by being consistent. That’s what branding’s about.”

Along with emphasizing just how critical company slogans are, John also reiterated the obvious need for the slogan to be able roll off the tongue and be remembered.  And that’s where a company like Slogan Slingers can help.  By starting an online slogan contest you’ll get lots of catchy slogan options for a price you determine and with a quick turnaround time. So Daymond John has told you how important company slogans are and that’s pretty much all we talk about. (We’re one dimensional, we know!) So what are you waiting for. Your company needs an effective slogan. The only question is where to get one. Why not try the world’s number one site for catchy slogans and taglines? We look forward to hosting your slogan contest!

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