A Slogan SOS for CrowdsourcingWe are all familiar with the phrase ‘Sending out an SOS’, its meaningful, catchy and it grabs our attention.  Those are qualities that are also important when coming up with a slogan for your business, too.   It doesn’t matter if it’s a dry cleaning slogan, realtor tagline or political candidate’s catchphrase. You need to have a line that means something to the intended audience and sticks in their heads.

A slogan is a clever little way of getting your company name into the mind of your customers whether as part of your logo, on business cards or a website, a printed ad or even as a jingle on a local radio. However the SOS doesn’t just share a lot of qualities with a good slogan, it can also help you when deciding upon a slogan for you organization whether you a working with a freelancer or crowdsourcing a slogan as you can do on Slogan Slingers.

Let’s put a little twist on the typical SOS so you can save yourself from boring ineffective slogans and taglines.

SOS: Simple – Original – Straightforward
Even if you start a crowdsource slogan competition on our site, following these keywords will greatly enhance your chances of choosing a successful tagline or slogan.  Obviously it is always best to keep your slogan simple, there is no room for baggage when it comes to writing slogans, taglines, catchphrases or straplines as some call them. You need to focus on a simple message and not try and say too much. That’s the #1 problem that most companies make. Good slogans leave no room for clutter. They’re concise.  That makes them easy to remember.

Most of the time slogans are used across a wide range of advertising channels.  Keeping it simple isn’t just necessary to avoid confusing or boring your audience.  There’s often no room to display a long slogan. Just because it is simple though, it doesn’t mean it should be shallow.  Think about each word carefully so that it has maximum resonance with your audience.

Next up is the “O” for “Original.” It’s always best if you can be unique. Everyone says they want to be original but most companies end up picking something forgettable because it’s safer.  Original doesn’t just mean avoiding plagiarism.  It can also mean avoiding keywords and even ideas that are overly familiar from other products or services.  A great tagline for example will perfectly capture the emotion of your USP (unique selling proposition) and that also is a big contributor to how easily the line will be remembered.  If you’re voting on professionally written slogans don’t try and combine two or more.  That will give you a unique line but probably not the uniqueness you desire. That makes for a Frankenstein on a line.  If the line feels uncomfortable to some that may be a sign it’s worth thinking about more.

Finally we come to being straightforward. Developing a company tagline or slogan is something you’ll anguish over but that’s because it’s yours!  Generally, most people are going to come across your slogan with a million things on their mind and running around like we all do. So be original but not opaque. You can make your audience think about your message but don’t make them have to think to understand it

Keep SOS in mind whenever you organize a slogan writing contest. If a tagline, strapline, slogan or catchphrase doesn’t comply with the rules of SOS it is a failure. Make sure that the writers participating in your contest understand SOS and try to achieve it.  Now your crowdsource slogan competition will be a great success and you won’t have to scream SOS ever again.