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Samsung Strikes A Chord With A New Slogan

By June 5, 2012 No Comments

Samsung seems to have created the best new advertising slogan to debut in quite a while for the media blitz for its Galaxy S III smart phone.

The ads for the phone say that it is “designed for humans.” This catchy slogan is highly effective because it is clever, humorous and original. More importantly it succeeds in making a very important point about its product without being negative.

One of the big complaints about a lot of today’s technology is that it is impersonal and hard for average people to use. Samsung seems to have gotten that point and is trying to address it. Instead of emphasizing the technology, the Korean electronics giant is emphasizing the people and doing it in a very intelligent way. More importantly the company has created a highly effective tagline that is very easy to remember.

This slogan is highly effective because it is short, simple and easy to remember yet it succeeds in conveying a very important point. The point is that Samsung’s new phone is designed to be user friendly rather than just a cool gadget. Yet the catchy slogan is short so it is easy to remember and memorable enough to become a catch phrase.

There is a very strong possibility that this phrase will go viral and spread all over the internet, social media and popular culture. That will generate a vast amount of attention to Samsung’s new product and help it contend with Apple’s reputation in the media. Samsung faces a big problem when it comes to dealing with the media because the press seems to like Apple and often ends up promoting that company’s products. Part of Apple’s appeal is that many of its gadgets are easy to use.

With this tagline, Samsung is able to say it can do the same thing without disparaging Apple in anyway. Instead it ignores its competitor and simply says that its products are easy to use. The company is able to convey its point in a very positive and creative way.

Another great thing about “designed for humans” is that it is extremely positive. It sounds friendly and touchy feely which is the message that Samsung wants to convey. Samsung should be commended for this advertising slogan campaign and tagline that promotes a new product without being disparaging or negative. Many companies in Samsung’s place would have gone negative. That is they would have created a clever sounding slogan that mocked Apple in some way.

Samsung didn’t do that instead it promoted its own product in a clever and creative way. By being positive Samsung was able to create a slogan that will attract a lot of attention without inadvertently helping its competition. This campaign proves that positive taglines will always be far more effective than negative ones.