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Research Slogans Before You Use Them

By August 21, 2012 No Comments

Every slogan maker and every business that uses an advertising slogan generator should carefully research each tagline before you they use it. You should research prospective taglines because there could be negative connotations to them.

The famed British newspaper The Daily Mail found this out the hard way when it ran a blog post that contained the slogan “work makes you free.” This might sound harmless and perhaps even uplifting but it has some very ugly historical connotations.

The tagline “work makes you free” was infamously posted at the entrances to several Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz during World War II. Daily Mail journalist Dominique Jackson used this slogan when giving advice to college graduates. Ms. Jackson was obviously making a good point working for a living on your own can be liberating. Yet nobody paid attention to her point because of the phrase’s horrendous history.

This controversy shows why slogan maker should research every catchphrase that they intend to use. There is no telling where or how the slogan was used in the past or by whom. Instead of a catchy slogan that will attract customers you could inadvertently create something that will offend customers and perhaps even drive them away.

How to Research a Slogan

Fortunately researching a slogan is easier than ever before. All you need to do is type the words into a search engine such as Bing or Google. If the words have an infamous connotation the search engine should pull it up. You should run every phrase you get from an advertising slogan generator through such a search engine before you use it.

Anybody writing slogans for a contest should do the same thing before they send the slogan to the contest or the customer. That way they won’t end up harming somebody’s business with a slogan that is associated with something bad or offensive.

There are many possible negative connotations that even a seemingly harmless or inoffensive slogan could have. You should obviously be aware of them before you spend money on an advertising slogan generator.

You can avoid such negativity by employing a professional slogan maker or a slogan contest, such as Such a contest can get a catchy slogan written by a professional writer for a fairly low price. It can also save you a world of trouble and help your organization avoid the negative publicity that a tagline with a nasty history or ugly connotations could create.