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Relax, America. We’re about to be saved by…A Slogan!

By November 11, 2011 No Comments

Sure America’s got some problems.  The economy’s rough, the government’s in gridlock and millions are jobless and protesting in the streets.  Fortunately, all that is immaterial.  With the USA’s new slogan, unveiled today, it should only be a matter of hours before all our problems vaporize into thin air.


Ok, maybe a slogan can’t bring an entire nation out of the doldrums but you can’t blame our country for trying.


Our new national slogan is “The United States of Awesome Possibilities.” It’s too bad they didn’t use Slogan Slingers since our country is a little cash strapped at the moment, but either way, we hope the slogan is a big success.  It proves yet again that slogans are as critical as ever for promoting your product, service, business and yes, even your nation.


We’re fortunate to have had slogan contests opened from Egypt to Australia.  We have writers contributing from almost every English speaking country in the world.  So we’re fans of many nations.  But we truly believe America, where Slogan Slingers is based and where our staff calls home, is indeed a place where awesome things are possible.  If you want to read more on the debut of America’s national slogan click here for the full story.


For fun, we’d love to hear your slogan ideas for America or any other nation.  Email us and we’ll post any that are especially witty or creative.