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Why You Need Product Slogans For Your Business

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product slogans

Have you ever opened a business and started working to realize you don’t have enticing product slogans to draw attention to your brand?

Most new entrepreneurs have been down the same road. 

A simple slogan with a compelling message is real magic. It’s hard to convince someone or express an idea in just a few words, but that’s precisely the purpose of the slogan. The brands that have found the perfect slogan quickly become the leaders in their respective niches.

The best slogans are concise, but they say a lot. They affect recipients at a much deeper level and represent much more than the service or the product you sell.

The Definition Of A Slogan

A slogan is a catchy phrase used for commercial or political purposes. The goal of having one is to make a business easily remembered and to recognize the idea behind it instantly.

In a business context, it is a phrase that advertises the ability to express the importance of products or services. Business owners mostly avoid using the company name in it and instead focus on what the company does. Moreover, a slogan with meaning encourages the target audience to think and feel in a certain way, while the name of the business serves only as a reminder to most people.

Ingenious product slogans encourage potential customers to identify the brand, become aware of it, and know the brand’s benefits. A great catchphrase for businesses, on the other hand, serves as a tool to stand out in the market, to get closer to customers, and to use it in marketing campaigns over and over again.

For example, if you’re in the law firm industry, you can have law firm slogans that bring clients closer to the otherwise-complicated niche. Also, in case you’re in the construction industry, construction company slogans can help you get that new client you’ve been looking for.

Why You Need A Product Slogan For Your Business

Brand Awareness

Great product slogans are always strongly associated with the brand so that people can identify which brand it’s from. In other words, if you want to create a specific phrase, be sure to make it memorable. The best slogans are like evergreen songs — they are not affected by the ravages of time. Product slogans almost always require an evergreen slogan so you can use it over and over again. 

Knowing the Brand’s Benefits Right Away

Another benefit of having a slogan is when people see it, they know the benefits of using the brand’s products or services. For example, Zozzo’s Burger Bar uses Slogan Slingers’ phrase, “Where Cool People Meat,” which tells the intention and the benefits customers have if they go there.

Getting Closer To Customers

It is necessary to state the purpose of the product or service and the benefit that the consumer will derive. Naturally, product slogans should be in a language understandable to the consumer and create a positive feeling for the customer. When the same customer sees the product slogan, he or she feels comfortable enough to buy the product right away.

Slogans have been used for more than a century to bring companies and customers closer. For instance, construction company slogans enable companies to build long-lasting relationships with the people that need them. The more people feel closer to the brand, the higher the chance they’ll contact you sometime in the future.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Product Slogans

In a crowded market, companies that want to stand out need to do it with creative and original product slogans. They can drive competitor companies out and leave a place for your product.

Having a distinctive, catchy phrase makes your brand stand out from others. It gives a specific identity to your brand, which stays with people forever. They can recognize your brand even without the product or brand name. For instance, “I’m lovin’ it” reminds everyone of McDonald’s almost instantly. 

What’s more, clever product slogans increase the demand for the product, completing the whole marketing process. Think of your brand as a separate entity — it exists in the market as an individual with a personality. The purpose of this diversity is to be memorable and recognizable. By remembering a product, the customer is given a chance to consciously choose it among a dozen other products.

Reusing It For Marketing Purposes

Lastly, a clever catchphrase is the essence of an advertising campaign. If you have a CPA business, your CPA slogans have to say precisely the advantage of your accounting services. Good marketing is multilayered. So, the catchphrase will dictate the rest of your advertising campaign. If it’s recognizable, you’ll use these CPA slogans repeatedly in every campaign you produce.

Which Product Slogans Would You Choose for Your Business?

Which slogan would you choose? The answer is often neither quick nor straightforward. It depends on the target audience, your existing advertising campaign, and many other factors. 

Get rid of the elephant in the room and contact Slogan Slingers for a perfectly crafted slogan.