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Pearls of Slogan Wisdom: How Dental Office Slogans and Taglines Can Help You Succeed.

By September 27, 2012 No Comments

Today we have a guest blogger.  Here’s Dr. Leo on how a single slogan helped his business grow for four decades…


I have been a dentist in private practice for over 40 years. I have been a dentist in the military, an Assistant Professor in a world renowned dental school, a visiting lecturer and consultant in dental schools around the world.  While I’m proud of all these achievements, what really helped my practice grow wasn’t a sterling background. It was having excellent marketing. Specifically a great dental office slogan.



In today’s high paced, high tech world one has to utilize all the different modalities available to get your word out. That includes catchy slogans and taglines.


Whatever your profession, be it attorney, health care provider, engineer or restaurant owner, nothing is more effective than a great advertising slogan, tagline or catchphrase.  The problem is finding a slogan maker.


I remember in my early years, I had a wonderful patient that just made my day every time she came in for an appointment. She was fun, appreciative, paid her bill that day, and referred many patients to my office. She was the perfect patient. I asked her to be my official slogan maker. I reasoned that if she could be the patient from heaven than she could be my slogan generator.


If she provided one slogan or a bunch of slogans then that would attract people like her.  She thought for a few minutes and then said….”Everyone’s dream – A beautiful smile”.  My sloganizer hit the jackpot. I printed her tag line on all my brochures and business cards. It’s been almost 40 years now and as a successful Cosmetic Dentist she gets my vote as a slogan generator par excellance.


I got lucky.


My colleagues who tried similar approaches ended up with lines that might have done more harm than good.  Most of the marketing taglines they ended up with were quickly abandoned.  Some tried expensive ad agencies or freelance writers after that without success.


That was the 20th century way of finding a slogan maker. Things are a little different now. You have options, like getting catchy slogans through Slogan Slingers.  People are totally bombarded with marketing messages so having a marketing catchphrase that stands out is more important than ever.

The process of using Slogan Slingers is really easy.  No wonder they call it the ultimate slogan generator.  Instead of relying on one person, this web-based approach uses hundreds of sloganizer writers.  You just give the details about your business, determine a prize amount you want to award the winning writers and catchy slogans and marketing taglines come in almost instantly from writers registered with the site who are competing for your cash prize.   The cost is super minimal compared to using an ad agency. Many of the contributors are moonlighting on their off time while their agency is charging big time for the same talent.


It’s all fast, convenient, and so 21st century.  There’s no better slogan maker out there to have your ideal slogan come to life at your convenience.  Of course, if you are the old fashioned type and have plenty of time or if you like to assemble focus groups of slogan makers then good luck. “And may the tagline be with you.” Hey, I think I’ll just go online and submit that to Sloganslingers.  If you need a dental practice slogan or slogans for any other type of business, I suggest you start a contest with Slogan Slingers now.