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Not For Profit Tag Lines

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Many not-for-profit organizations don’t make use of taglines in their corporate image.  This can be a big mistake even though charitable companies are not in the business of making profit; they should be in the business of differentiating themselves from others in the non-profit sector.  With current tough economic conditions, it is important to emphasize what you do and why the kind American public should hand over their hard-earned dollars to you rather than someone else.

A tagline or slogan, as they used to be called, for a nonprofit organization helps your audience connect with the effort and impact that your charity has on others.  This is the same regardless of whether your charity is working hard for a better world or simply offering a helping hand to the less fortunate in your community.

Whilst great care may have been taken in deciding upon the name of your non-profit organization, it is easy for it to sound a little dry.  A good tagline will strengthen the emotional bonds of what you are working so hard to achieve.

A Slogan is a Mission Statement

It will deliver your organization’s mission statement in a hard hitting way which is tough to ignore and this is sometimes needed to maximize the impact for non-profit organizations.   Sometimes it isn’t even clear from the name of the charitable organization of what it is they are doing.  If this applies to your organization then a tag line will help explain your actions and motivations.

Lots of people don’t have too much time or money to donate and so a tagline will give the public an opportunity to connect with your organization. If it can help them feel inspired or motivated then they are much more likely to donate to your cause or volunteer some of their precious time.

The tagline will give them something to remember about their interactions with your not for profit organization, whether it is a monetary donation or time spent actively working on a project.  It will also help them remember you the next time that they want to help out.

Slogans Create a Sense of Purpose

Taglines aren’t just useful for your making external connections with the outside world, they can also be really useful for internal use too.  Having a good tagline helps your staff and volunteers rally round the effort and galvanize themselves for the common cause of why they are working together. It’s always good to remind people what their purpose and why exactly they are there.

Just like any other type of organization, having a good tagline is vital for a nonprofit entity in the modern world. Set up a slogan writing contest centered on your organization’s mission statement today. That way you can have dozens of creative writers trying to create an effective slogan based upon your mission statement.