Can you believe it that the famous ‘Just Do It’ tagline from Nike has just celebrated its 25th Anniversary.  In the fast moving world of corporate branding this is miraculous enough but considering Nike is in both the sports and fashion industries make this achievement even more amazing.

‘Just Do It’ is a great example of a slogan without any hype.  It is empowering yet simple and appeals to anyone and everyone who either feels athletic or who believes that by simply purchasing a pair of footwear, they will on some level match up with their sporting heroes.


Simple but Unpopular

Ironically, ‘Just Do It’ was never a popular choice within the Nike offices or with their creative advisers. Perhaps because it originated as the last words of Gary Gilmore who was convicted for multiple murders and who spoke it to his firing squad!

No-nonsense slogans appeal to customers because they tell it like it is.  Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia says everything that anyone interested in information needs to know.  Their name, that they are an encyclopedia and that it is free, not just that is free but with the ‘the’ it implies they are the definitive free encyclopedia.


No-Nonsense Straplines and Taglines Work

In Great Britain they are the ultimate in no-nonsense straplines.  The Ronseal roof, fence and garden furniture paint protects items from damage by rain, snow and ice.

It’s slogan of ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin (British English for can)” is delivered by blunt, plain speaking builder, contractor and home-improvement types.  It was always meant to be worked on before it got final improvement but it never happened before an influential company executive gave this work in progress slogan his full support.  The product, company and advertisements have been famously running for 20 years and its slogan is now recited by everyone from builders to sports stars and politicians.


Get to the Point

When coming up with a slogan for your business or choosing a winning slogan from a slogan contest, it often is best if you keep things simple.  As tempting as it is to go with a strapline that is quirky or clever, the bottom line is that you want your business or product’s tagline to be something that your customers will be interested in and understand.

Consider what your customer base is and ensure your slogan contest guidelines specify what type of slogan you are looking for. Most customers are not in the ad agency industry so they will be bothered by puns and playing with words but instead appreciate straight talk.